Battleship Teapots – ‘HMS Kent’

This is one of the latest series of ship teapots – after a long run of trawlers. These began with a WWI cruiser called HMS Kent ( A friend had begun a model of one years ago and it sits abandoned in his garage. The shape stuck in my mind. The eight hull-mounted turrets were a bit of a liability in bad weather apparently! From my point of view the opportunity to have four spouts was too good to ignore. The dry white finish is a bit pale on this one. I’ll try adding some more colour and refiring it – I prefer them with a more grimy look. Matt thinks they should be more angular and matt black. Black could be good.

I’d like to use the Istanbul Bosphorus ferries in some way for a new series. They have a rather busy shape with curved and angular cuts in their sides. The two dark rectangular shapes are the embarkation/disembarkation points and together with the similar dark area on the upper foredeck, they pass right through the ship from side to side. I can’t quite get the shape right in the sketchbook at the moment. I’m tempted to go for some kind of tile pattern.

Istanbul Bosphorus ferry Sehit Caner Gönyeli leaving Eminonou. 

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