Redesigning a Heal’s Teapot – with a screwdriver and some clay

This porcelain teapot came from Heals in the Kings Road. It looks nice. It pours appallingly partly because the spout is very badly designed. It doesn’t help that it has no steam hole in the lid either. What’s more the handle is so low that it is difficult to get the lid on and off, get the kettle into it to fill it, or get used teabags out when you want to wash up. Oh, and the lid turned out to be cracked. All in all a bit of a disaster really.
So, a redesign is required. Here’s an approach. First remove the handle by hitting it strategically with a screwdriver. Next make a slimmer, higher spout by adding a fresh clay tube to it. Find a conventional handle from another (broken bone china) teapot. Use a clay bandage to strap on the new parts. Then tap a hole through the lid, bandaging the crack while you are at it. Glaze and fire. The gold lustre is important. It elevates it – ‘I am no longer useless’. Oh, and by the way, it now pours.
Much better.
I enjoyed this. I am looking for new pieces to work on. I have a couple on the go including a large and very kitsch Edwardian aspidistra pot in 7 or 8 sherds. They need to be things that either don’t work or are broken and beyond use for their original purpose.
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