Modernist teapots

As a response to the Queensberry Hunt article in the new Ceramic Review (255, May/June 2012), these are a selection of Modernist (‘Mid Century Modern’) tea and coffee pots that I have seen recently. 
Exquisite, Raymond Loewy, 1955, Thomas/Rosenthal porcelain. These were also produced with a matt black exterior and white interior.

Lucie Rie. Tea and coffee pots made for the printmaker Robin Tanner in 1955 now in the Craft Study Centre in Farnham.

Form 2000, Raymond Loewy and Richard Latham, Thomas/Rosenthal, 1954. I’m not too keen on the floral print. They look good in white and with single colour exteriors.  Lucienne Day did a series of very striking gold lustre designs for them. 

 Concept, Martin Hunt, Hornsea Pottery, 1976
TAC teapot, Walter Gropius, Rosenthal Studio Linie, 1969. There isn’t a line out of place. Each curve is linked to its function and states it confidently. The lid locks in, the articulation of the two handles guarantees its security whilst accentuating the sense of flow provided by the converging arcs whose target is the pouring lip. They come in black and white but the black is particularly elegant. This is actually a recent TAC2 one. I don’t think it is any different from the original. TAC2 is a reworking of the designs to extend the range of shapes to include a coffee pot and dinner wares. The coffee pot in particular looks like a parody.

GA teapots. Ulla Procope, Arabia, 1955. Ken Stradling Collection. 

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