TEAPOTS, trawlers and tiles

These are the most recent handbuilt teapots. Two cruisers and one of the most recent armed trawlers. The trawlers relate to a specific story of my aunt as child mascot to a WW2 trawler/minesweeper in the North Sea. Like the ones below they relate to a narrative, albeit not directly mine. The cruisers are a bit more tenuous – fun but not a direction to pursue any further.
These are a couple of years old. They were made using whatever was to hand amongst a pile of broken roof-tiles and debris in a field in Somerset. They are wood-fired terracotta and white slip. They are like diary entries or postcards – a record of a time and place. Teapots have a particular place as vehicles for attached meanings – we attach meaning to just about anything but teapots are well established in ceramics as a carrier. Teapot as postcard – think of Goss porcelain souvenirs from seaside towns. Blue and white earthenware pots with Ilfracombe or Carmarthen incised in the slip.


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