Trawlers and Battleships – New additions to the teapot fleet

Three of the latest trawler teapots plus one small cruiser. Quite pleased with the long low one – I’d like ot make some much bigger ones of those. Bit impractical but they do pour, honest. At the demonstration weekend I was at a couple of weeks ago, people seemed very concerned that they should be able to use them. The fact that the lid sizes are too small for teabags is evidently important even if people are not especially likely to use them. For me the narrow form is important, not just because they are more boat-like but because I have always thought of them as objects that sit on shelves. Perhaps the lid could encompass the whole superstructure of the trawlers? Sketchbook needed.

While I was outside I had to photograph my little Japanese maple (seeing it there in the background). I grew it from seed collected at the arboretum – it’s about 15 years old now. I repotted it last year and it is on top form. Wonderful colour. The new stems in the spring are red too.

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