THE BICKLEY BOOK IS NOW ON SALE – celebrating 30 years of the Bickley Ceramics Project

The Bickley Book is published today (9 Dec 2012). We have had a great launch party with the added feature of 30 themed cup cakes made by Vicky, one for each year!  Like the cakes, the book is about celebrating a great project and over 400 people who made it happen. It also outlines the various kilns built and some of the contributions we have made to the study of historic ceramic technology. All with loads of pictures. Full details are in the preceding blog.

Here is a preview of the first 15 pages.  To purchase from CLICK HERE

Here are the cakes – my favourite is the Leach kick-wheel. The paint colour is spot on. There is everything from the kilns and the children’s flag to JB’s bowsaw, one of Nick Wright’s saltglazed chickens and a barbeque complete with sausages. People were loath to eat them and carried them off home in paper napkins!

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