The Bickley Book – iPad edition now available from

The Bickley Book celebrates the 30 years of the Bickley Ceramics Project in Somerset. Published in 2012, it’s 40 pages and over 100 colour photographs outline the various aspects of the project from kilns and firings to the farm and its woodland and the many people who made the whole thing possible. For more information see my earlier posts. The new ebook version makes the book available in digital form for iPad users.

Click here to go to the Blurb Bookstore to see the Bickley ebook. There’s a preview available. Download your copy now for £3.49!

The book is also still available as a real book.  Click here to go to the Bickley Book in the Blurb Bookstore. There’s a preview available there too. There are various bindings – prices start at £17.79.

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