Following on from the last post these are photographs of the market stall of the Alfareria Miguel San Juan Peñin in Benia de Onis which is in the Picos d’Europa. His mother is selling in the second photo. Their pottery is near León a couple of hours to the south. All the pots are his except the yellower wares on the right which are from Alfareria La Fabrica in Pereruela which is even further south. The majority of the shapes are traditional and several of them can be seen in Llorens Artigas’s book 1970 Spanish Folk Pottery.

 An orza storage jar. We found old ones of these in a local junk-shop. The owner said they were for keep animal fat in.

 Miguel calls the costrel shapes barils.

 Chestnut roasters, chocolate pots, honey spoons and Pereruela baking dishes.

Cuervera – punch bowls – queimadas – for making and serving queimada. Queimada is a traditional punch made with spirits caled orujo, coffee, sugar and lemon.
 The pots belwo are from Pereruela. They are made of a coarse clay with lots of mica in order to work effectively directly on a flame. These are from Alfareria La Fabrica

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