We’ve been talking about smoking food for months – not content with the oven. I was thinking in terms of converting an oil-drum or an old bread bin. Ben has stolen a march by going out and buying a ready-made. It comes with all sorts of bits and pieces and needs bags of charcoal and applewood chips.

It calls itself a ProQ Amigo. 

No instructions supplied so a committee convened to discuss its operation. The smoker is in three sections, a conventional backyard barbeque, a drum with a water bowl in it and above that a level for the food to sit on under the lid. A stoke hole at the bottom and a smoke vent in the top. 
Salmon steaks installed. It’s a bit like a sawdust-firing. At first in belches smoke and worries the neighbours. After 30/45 minutes it settles down to puff quietly to itself in a contented sort of way, maintaining a steady 100 degrees celsius.


Served up with Vicky’s home made bread. Very good eating too, nicely cooked and deliciously smoky!

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