It’s all very well talking about teapots all the time but they always have company. The Crowan teapot in the last post has a familial resemblance to the Walter Gropius TAC one designed for Rosenthal in 1969. I commented that the Crowan jugs were rarely successful and that in turn made me look up the TAC one. Slicing the top off the spout form increases the dynamism of the shape.

Here are some more. Thomas/Rosenthal put a wide range of decals on their 50s and 60s designs some more successful than others. I particularly like these simple solid colour versions. The first is the jug from Raymond Loewy’s Form 2000 service in a steel grey. Below is the one from Tapio Wirkkala’s first design for Rosenthal in 1957 in a cool metallic blue. The t-section handle on this design is very distinctive. I reminds me of cast metal car components or even melamine tablewares – the metallic paint look is just so right.

Form 2000, Raymond Loewy and Richard Latham, Rosenthal/Thomas 1954
Finlandia, Tapio Wirkkala, Rosenthal/Thomas 1957

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