Hungarian folk pottery at the Ethnographic Museum in Budapest

I was in Budapest last week with my students. We looked at all sorts of stuff – high points included the Szechenyi Baths, ballet at the Opera and Budapest Zoo. The weather has been very kind and it did n’t rain once. Bathing in the outdoors hot springs was quite something and that is from someone who is not a great fan of swimming-type activities. From the applied arts point of view the Ethnographic Museum – which is opposite the Parliament building in Kossuth Ter – is an amazing place for pots and textiles in particular. These are just a few photos of the pots. I will update with some identifications.

The four photos below are of a reconstruction of the interior of a house from the Sárköz region. Second half of the 19th century. Sarköz is part of Tolna County to the SW of Budapest. The bokály (drinking jugs) and dishes have a distinctive style of slipware with an emphasis on blacks, reds and floral motifs. The palette is reflected in the paintwork on the furniture too.

The slipware dishes below are from a case a little further on and are stylistically quite different. My notes aren’t clear but I think they are from Mezöcsát. Mezöcsát is in NE Hungary about 70 miles east of Budapest. The single bird motif is very common. 
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