Hungarian National Museum – Medieval jugs and stove-tiles

The Hungarian National Museum in Budapest was rather inaccessible on the Thursday I was there because they were preparing for a national day on Saturday 15th March. The day celebrates the uprising against the Habsburgs in 1849. The museum steps were the scene of a reading of the National Song that acted as a catalyst. There will be a reenactment on Saturday and the museum was partially closed. All bunting and Hungarian flags outside and rather empty and quiet inside. 
Pottery and ceramics-wise there are some good things – the stamped decoration and the use of rich green and yellow lead glazes on these early 16th century jugs reminds me of Chinese horses in the British Museum.  They are possibly from the Royal Palace but the label didn’t say. The orange one is gorgeous.

 The National Museum and the Budapest History Museum both have some superb 15th-century stove tiles mostly from the Royal Palace. The reconstruction above is based on ones from there decorated with jousting knights.

 My favourite though, is the unglazed demon piper below. He’s an absolute gem. His face is hidden by the grape vines but if you look carefully he has huge asses ears poking out from under his cap.

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