Beijing – walking back across town from the back of the Forbidden City, stopped for iced tea and then came across these research posters displayed on the wall just beyond the old Peking University Library  – The Red Building – in Wusi Street. It was late in the day and no one around to ask off more information so I photographed all the posters with the feeling that I must be able to follow them up. Some really interesting photos of excavated kilns, fireboxes and kiln furniture as well as some contemporary stuff. Apologies for the reflections of Beijing traffic and trees. I will edit this blog as I find more information.
The first paper is about the archaeological excavation of Dragon kilns. Since I first posted this I have identified one of the sites as at Nanyao, Jingdezhen excavated in 2013. Presumably these are all recent excavations.
The site above left and below is at Nanyao in Jingdezhen. The site was excavated in 2013 and revealed two Tang dynasty Dragon kilns one of them 78.8m long. For more on this site see the pages of the Chinese Institute of Archaeology (IA CASS)CRIEnglish and Bridging Eurasia.
It is interesting to see the layout of small semi-conical props in the Nanyao kiln. These are just like the ones that turn up in some 15/16th century kilns in the UK although obviously the context is different.
The second paper  – below – seems to be more about the recent history of pottery production and included traditional and industrial examples.
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