We have been in China for two weeks visiting Bejing, Xi’an, Guilin, Yangshuo and Shanghai. I was hoping to blog as I went along but the Chinese government have blocked everything Google including Blogger. As a result I have a whole collection of stuff to upload including food and kilns.
Shanghai Museum. Gallery reconstruction of a Dragon Kiln.

The reconstruction is more or less full size with the firebox, the first segment and the loading doors to either side and then a gap before the tail end and exit flues. Between the doors are the side stoking holes. 
The firing arrangements are very simple with a stoke hole and an air hole below. The ace for the fuel is about a metre to a metre and a half deep and open directly to the sagger bungs. The kiln is lit internally with flickering magenta lights. 
The slit is to indicate the foreshortening of the reconstruction. The upper section is higher to show the continuity of the slope. Below, small flue openings at the base of a blank wall at the top and a screen wall to shield them from the wind.

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