Bristol School of Art (Queens Road) Gas Kiln Repairs Completed!

The long process of getting the gas kiln at Bristol School of Art back into service is finally completed (see earlier post). The damper bricks and floor slabs arrived from Kilns and Furnaces this afternoon and I have installed them and relaid the floor. All we need now is a full load of pots to fire and that shouldn’t take too long. We’re half way there already by the look of the glaze-shelves. The plan is to get it packed and ready to go for Monday but we will see how it goes.

1-2015-01-26 14.38.11

The new floor base and slabs installed alongside the new bag walls

1-2015-01-26 14.38.32

Side view showing the new damper slabs at the back (+ the new thermocouple).

The next stage is to fire it carefully and relearn its habits. I am concerned that the new flue and bag walls in particular will mean that its firing characteristics will have changed quite a bit. The ventilation of the room has been altered too to increase the flow of air into it. It will probably take several firings to get the measure of the kiln and the results may be a bit unpredictable for a while. We will be using plenty of cones and logging every detail.

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