Lisbon – a fly-posted paper ‘graffiti’ tile

I found this on a wall in the Bairro Alto and couldn’t resist pealing it off. A tile as a means for graffiti is a new one for me. Lisbon has a thriving street art culture as one might expect with the Portuguese love of decorated buildings. The painting below celebrating Lisbon and its music is a typical exuberant example. The trams get worked over too from time to time seemingly without disapproval. Particularly brilliant are the tiled trams and funiculars – go to Diário de Lisboa’s blog for some great photos. The paper tile is not so much Portuguese as Mexican, the floral motifs and guns constructed from them remind me of Mexican paper-cuts (papel picada). I would be interested to hear anyone’s ideas on its significance. It was single tile laid carelessly over some club flyers on a tiled café wall.

1-Lisbon guerrilla tile

1-2015-03-10 10.16.01

A dull wall in a back lane below the Castelo do Sao Jorge – brightened up to celebrate the Lisbon’s passion for fado music and Lisbon. Cheira Bem means ‘It smells good’ – ‘it ‘ being Lisbon.

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