Belfast – Transport House tiled mural 

Transport House in High Street, Belfast is the former Northern Ireland headquarters of the Transport and General Workers Union. Built in 1959 and designed by architect J J Brennan it is clad in soft green ceramic tiles with a large tiled mural representing the key industries of Northern Ireland rising five storeys up the concave front of the building. The style is redolent of the Festival of Britain and Soviet poster design. It was designed and made by Carters of Poole. 

Transport House is Belfast’s youngest listed building and when Unite had it boarded up recently it caused a fuss – rightly. After some discussion Unite agreed to commission a suitable mural to tidy it up. It is rather loud and dominating and diminishes the scale and presence of the building but it is better than graffiti covered plywood I suppose. It is sad that Belfast has so many boarded up and crumbling properties, so many of them good buildings too. 
  I have tried to give an impression of the whole of the tiled panel below. 



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