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The Babel Tower Brickworks

Tower of Babel. Joos de Momper, Antwerp c.1600. Oil on canvas. 175cm x 249cm. Musee Royaux des Beaux Art, Brussels. (Wikipedia Commons) Whilst at the Medieval Pottery Research Group conference in Brussels at the beginning of June some of us … Continue reading

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Modernism in Bristol: Charlotte St and Gill Sans

Bristol bookseller Douglas Cleverdon is best remembered as the man who asked Eric Gill to paint a shop-sign for him. The lettering that resulted was seen by Stanley Morison of Monotype who asked Gill to develop it as a full … Continue reading

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Je Suis Charlie

As artists and designers it is our role to criticise and question. Nothing fresh or original can emerge without the individual voice. Dissent is essential to that process. Dissent does not require the extremes of ignorant fanaticism or bigotry.

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