Selected Articles and Papers

Studio Ceramics and Design

Oliver Kent, Cleo Witt and Chris Yeo, 2019. The Bauhaus in Bristol (exhibition catalogue). Bristol: Ken Stradling Collection.

Oliver Kent and Stephen Morris, (eds). 2013. The Incidental Collector, Ken Stradling and the Ken Stradling Collection, Bristol: Ken Stradling Collection.

Oliver Kent, 2010. ‘Dan Arbeid in Context,’ catalogue essay, Dan Arbeid 1928/2010 A Retrospective, Bristol: Ken Stradling Trust, 7-15.

Oliver Kent, 2010, ‘The influence of the ‘English Tradition’ on issues of forms and firing at the Leach Pottery,’ in John Edgeler, (ed), 2010, Slipware and St Ives, The Leach Tradition 1920 -1937. Winchcombe: Cotswold Living Publications, 128-137.

Kilns and Ceramic Technology

David Dawson and Oliver Kent, 2017, Newport Memorial Hall Medieval Kiln: An Archaeological Investigation, Record and Evaluation. Revised interim report. Read or down load pdf here from

Oliver Kent, 2017. ‘Almost Ready to Fire: the Newport Medieval Kiln, Pembrokeshire.’ The Log Book, 70, 27-32. Read or download pdf here from

Harriet White, Sarah Paynter and Duncan Brown (with contributions by J Best, C Cumberpatch, David Dawson, P Ellis, J Evans, L Jones, Oliver Kent, I Roberts, K Tyler and Anne Woodward). 2015. Archaeological and Historic Pottery Production Sites: Guidelines for Best Practice. Historic England. Download pdf.

David Dawson, Oliver Kent, Vicky Dawson and Heather Kent, 2012. The Bickley Book: The Bickley Ceramics Project 1981 – 2010. Bickley Ceramics Project/ Available to purchase as a book or ebook from

David Dawson and Oliver Kent, 2008, ‘The development of the bottle kiln in pottery manufacture in Britain.’ Post-Medieval Archaeology, 42/1, 201-226. Read or download pdf from

David Dawson and Oliver Kent, 2007. ‘‘Animated Prospect,’- An 18th-century Kiln at ‘the Pottery House in the Old Park, Dunster, Somerset,’ in J. Finch and K. Giles, (eds), 2007. Estate Landscapes. Design, Improvement and Power in the Post-Medieval Landscape. Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph 4. Woodbridge: SPMA/Boydell and Brewer, 95-112. Read or download pdf from

Oliver Kent, 2005, ‘Woodfiring in the 12th century – The Ham Green potters.’ The Log Book, 21, 3-7.

David Dawson and Oliver Kent, 1999, ‘Reduction fired low-temperature ceramics,’ Post-Medieval Archaeology, 33, 164-178. Read or download pdf from

Oliver Kent and David Dawson, 1998, ‘The Packing of Medieval Floor-tile Kilns,’ Medieval Archaeology, XLII, 45-53. Download pdf


Archaeology and Material Culture

Oliver Kent, 2015, ‘Pots and Texts: Understanding Pots in Use.’ in J. Allan, N Alcock and D Dawson (eds), West Country Households 1500-1700, Woodbridge, Suffolk: SPMA/Boydell Press. Read or download pdf from

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    Just discovered this blog – I look forward to reading your published articles!


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