This blog is mainly about ceramics – making, firing and exploring the technology and history of ceramics – but it’s also a place to write about things that interest me more generally including design history, travel and food.  As well as making ceramics I write and lecture on ceramic history, I am freelance specialist archaeologist and I teach ceramics and applied art at Bristol School of Art. 

As a maker I enjoy hand-building and I make teapots and vessels that evolve from stories I hear, things I see and places I visit. Boats recur as a theme but I am enjoying making big bowls and bottles at the minute. I enjoy the plastic qualities of the clay and working fast. I love sharing my enjoyment with students.

I am co-founder of the Bickley Ceramics Project, a research project exploring historic ceramic technology. This links to my work as an archaeological ceramics specialist with a particular focus on potteries and kilns. I blog about the projects I work on when I can. I hope what I write can act as a resource alongside more formal publications.

I am also a trustee of the Ken Stradling Collection of 20th-century design and applied arts in Bristol, UK. The KSC is one man’s view of contemporary design from 1948 onwards across all the areas Ken covered whilst running the Bristol Guild of Applied Arts as a retailer. It is a honour to be able to help make the collection accessible to the public and to students and educators.


3 Responses to About

  1. David Thornley says:

    Hi Ollie …. I hadn’t seen your blog before…. I am glad you were inspired by your time at the China Factory last October.I was looking for your email address to let you know that if you would like to join us again WBAT are already looking for people to sign up (and pay) David


  2. Ben Miller says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to ask your permission to use an image on your site in an academic paper I’m writing. Please feel free to email me for more details.
    Ben Miller


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